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As the Millennium was ending there arose among the people of the industrial world a Rave culture.  This culture was based on technology. This site is dedicated to the RAVE CULTURE
Acid.jpg (31205 bytes) I see the Raves as a religious ritual.  The God is technology. The music is Techno.  Techno music is the only place that technology is used for the benefit of primal man.  The beat of Techno is made to match the beat of his primal heart.  They rhythm is made to match the rhythm of his primordial soul.

The Rave experience is a spiritual cleansing from the stressed out politically correct technological society.  Dayton Ohio's first Raves coincided with the full moon.

Those that felt the vibrations cleansed their soul as primal man had done a million years earlier.  But it was different!  this time there were two Gods.   One was represented by the moon the other by technology.

Jack Bowman February 1993