"Puppets are common in Performance Art.  So it is not unusual that I sometimes created puppets for my performances." Jack


1.  Happiness the Paper Puppet Poet with a Penis  Performed at various spoken word poetry events in Dayton Ohio, and Springfield Ohio.

2.  "Uncle Woody" Performed at EFX coffee house in Dayton Ohio.  Currently an Internet performance called "The Church of Uncle Woody".  Web site dedicated to "Uncle Woody"  http://members.tripod.com/~jackbowman/woodsite.htm

3.  Mr. President and Miss Slutinsky   (from Mr. Hitler's Neighborhood)  Performed Cleveland Performance Art Festival, Ohio and Art Center Cincinnati Art Museum, Ohio.  Web site dedicated to "Mr. Hitler's Neighborhood" http://members.tripod.com/~jackbowman/mrhitler.htm

4.  Dancing Hitler from A Midsummer Night's Dream and American Bash Performed at SSNova, Cincinnati, Ohio and 1470 W., Dayton Ohio.  Web site dedicated to "A Midsummer Night's Dream" http://www.bright.net/~dapoets/midsummer/index.htm

5.  Shadow Puppet show  "The Man that Forgot to Mow"  Performed at Leigh Waltz Studio Art Party in Cincinnati Ohio.  Web site dedicated to "The Man that forgot to mow" http://jackbowman.home.mindspring.com/quantum/quantum%20perf/quantperf1.htm

6.  Shadow Puppet show "Ant Prophesies" (1) Performed for DATV film "Polly's Performance Art Show"  Web site dedicated to the "Ant Prophesies" http://www.bright.net/~dapoets/bugs/antproph2.htm  (2) Performed at Monmouth Theatre (Puppet Slam) Newport, Kentucky, April 5, 2003.

7.  Workshop taught at Withrow International High School.  September 15 - 19, 2003.  Puppet show "EvaRave" as well as complete instructions and photographs. http://www.capjacks.com/puppet/index.htm

8.  Captain Jack's Marionette Theatre.  Complete puppet show in realplayer format.  Needs real player to watch the puppet show.  A spoof on puppet shows of the last century.  http://www.capjacks.com/   Captain Jack is a blundering Magician and incompetent Puppet Master that lives in his pirate cave with his trusted companion "Parrot"