Most philosophers know that Civilization will hit a point of decay.  Different philosophers, different reasons.  Brooks Adams in his The Law of Civilization and Decay, published in 1896 said that Americas assumed that progress was a linear thing that always led to better.  He pointed out that all previous civilizations had risen and fallen.  He blames the fall on the increasing centralization of power.  This means a drift away from the individual.  This drift away from the power of the individual means a decline in the power for the creative individual to have an impact on society/civilization.

The Fundamental Bible of Evolution address the individual as an evolved creature.  Not just an evolved social or civilized creature but an evolved individual.

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Jack Bowman 2005

Desmond Morris Quote

"This unusual and highly successful species spends a great deal of time examining his higher motives and an equal amount of time ignoring his fundamental ones. "